Local Government Faisalabad

The Chairman, District Council Faisalabad is the head of the District Administration Faisalabad who coordinates and supervises all the activities of all the administrative units.

The following is the objective and core values of the District Administration:

Setting High Standards

We will achieve the above by comparing, competing, monitoring, evaluating and reporting on achievement, valuing and developing our workers and involving stakeholders in planning and decision-making.

Equality, Fairness and Respect for Human Rights

We value the contribution of all individuals and groups in the community. We recognize that diversity is an asset. We will ensure that access, opportunities and justice are equally available to everyone irrespective of gender, race, creed and religion and take steps to involve people who have previously been excluded.

Honesty, Openness and Accountability

We are committed to honest, open and accountable District Government and we will try to ensure that these qualities are apparent in all our actions at all times.

Building Partnerships

We will work with local communities, the voluntary sector, the business community and other agencies to deliver the best for District Faisalabad, and secure a prosperous future for the District.

Protecting the Environment

We will consider the implications of our actions for future generations. We will develop our strategies in consultations with local communities.

Fiscal Responsibility

To aim for responsible and prudent fiscal management through: effectivemanagement of revenue and expenditure allocations; improved budget policy estimation and targeting; streamlined accounting, effective auditing; transparent reporting.

Citizen Focus

To place citizens at the center of service delivery processesthrough better targeted planning; participatory decision-making; more effective service delivery; more accountable for results.

Organizational Improvement

To improve the deployment of resources, systems and processes toincrease internal efficiency and provide more effective and responsive organization and management to meetstrategic objectives.

Capacity Development

To develop competencies, knowledge, skills and attitudes ofstakeholders throughtraining, mentoring, coaching and job based learning to improve performance and utilization of resources.

Information Systems

In order to ensure that we make decisions in an informed manner, we will developmanagement and financial information systems.

Office Address:

Office of the Deputy Commissioner Faisalabad, University Road, Faisalabad.


Name of the Public Information Officer (Right to Information Act 2013)

Mr. Khalid Masooq Farooka, Additional Deputy Commissioner (General)

041-9200320, 041-9200214

Salman Ghani