Faisalabad Peri Urban Structure Plan 2035

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Cities are dynamic entities and always expand, grow, and transform with the growing populace they housed. The unchecked and uncontrolled growth causes certain urban problems and need judicious planning for their planned and systematic growth. Like other cities, Faisalabad also grew following a hub-spoke radial growth pattern along major roads that originate from center of the city and radiates outside from the center. The spatial morphology of the city resulted in increased infrastructure and commuting costs besides engulfing prime arable agriculture lands for urban development. The witnessed unsustainable urban development could be tamed if the careful planning is done for the cities. For this very purpose, an initiative was taken by the City District Government Faisalabad under the “Punjab Cities Governance Improvement Project (PCGIP)” being implemented by the Urban Unit Planning & Development Department GoPunjab in the form of “Peri Urban Structure Plan” that primarily aims to stop the unchecked and uncontrolled growth of city Faisalabad. The PLAN strives to balance the housing, social and business needs of the city while addressing affordability, accessibility and livability in a sustainable manner.

This initiative has been taken splendidly and with the mutual cooperation and due consultation of all the stakeholders including City District Government Faisalabad, its entities, all the Government, Non-Government organizations, private sector, general public and the Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce & Industries.

The Faisalabad Peri Urban Structure Plan 2035 aims to assist the City District Government Faisalabad, its entities and stakeholders for future planned growth and systematic development for the next twenty years. The true implementation of the Faisalabad Peri Urban Structure Plan will certainly play pivot role in the rapid development of Faisalabad and it will open new corridors for rapid development of Faisalabad.


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